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2018 Season Wrap-Up

As the 2018 season begins to wrap up, we want to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who helped to make 2018 our best season ever. We shot more shows than we ever have and the audiences have never been bigger. It takes an army of people to make it all happen and we are very grateful for those who were there to help along the way.

Certainly a huge "thank you" to the sponsors and customers who bring us into their events. Thank you for giving us your fields to shoot from and your patrons to delight. We love spending our time and energy helping you to either celebrate a special occasion or raising money for a worthwhile cause. We're proud to be part of your team.

None of this is possible without our absolutely stellar team of shooters who make it happen in the field. Many long days and nights are spent in the field setting up, shooting and taking down a display. The dedication constantly displayed by our crews to produce our shows demonstrates the highest caliber of professionalism to our craft and their commitment to the audience. They not only thrill the crowd, but they ensure that it is all done safely. Thank you crews!

And before the crews can do their thing, product has to be pulled, sorted and prepped and the equipment has to be loaded into trucks and trailers, and then unloaded and then loaded again. It's all hard work done in hot weather (and sometime really cold weather when we're pulling shows in February) and definitely done "behind the scenes" so they never even get to hear the roar of the crowd after the show is done. We greatly appreciate the work you do and thank you for sticking with it through hot and cold, through sun and rain, and even through the occasional bear sighting!

We also owe a debt of gratitude to all of the public safety personnel who work with us on permits and also those who give up their free time to stand-by on the fire trucks just in case something unplanned occurs.

As the season comes to an end, our attention will turn to our "winter projects" so we emerge from our cocoons for next season doing it all even bigger and better!!! Thanks again to everyone for their hard work and commitment.


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