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PGI Class and Demo Day

A 3" shell sailing through plywood. Tubes blown up. Chickens blown to smithereens. That can mean only one thing . . . PGI class is in session. We held our annual PGI Operator's Safety course on Saturday May 12 and got to do all of that fun stuff we love to do.

While the course does require some time in the classroom, the better part is getting "hands on" and firing live devices. There are also live demonstrations showing various malfunctions and what can happen if you're too close when a shell explodes (poor chicken).

That evening, with the help of some of our PGI class members, we held our annual Demo Day to show some of the professional fireworks products available for purchase by those with the proper licensing. The weather wasn't the most cooperative, but if you missed it, please check out our video. The Demo Day script can also be downloaded from that page.

Congratulations to all of our PGI Course graduates! Stay safe!


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