Thunder in the Poconos
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Fireball Packages

Fireball Packages


4" Fireball - $25

2.5" ground salute included for extra boom

6" Fireball - $37.50

2.5" ground salute included for extra boom

12" Fireball - $75

4" ground salute included for the ULTIMATE BOOM

Triple Threat Fireball Package - $99

One 4", one 6" and one 12" fireball with two 2.5" ground salutes and one 4" ground salute

Trés Diablos Fireball Package - $199

Light up the night like a pro with this Legendary fireball package. Includes three 12" fireballs with two 4" ground salutes 


To purchase and reserve any of the fireball packages please call Celebration Fireworks at 610-978-8989 or email us at