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General Rules

The following items are prohibited at Thunder in the Poconos:

Alcohol, drugs or firearms

Non Celebration Fireworks pyrotechnics or homemade effects of any kind

Any outside fireworks of any kind

Personal equipment other than PPE

Outside food or beverages



Bad attitudes

  • Only event participants that are actively firing will be allowed in the firing areas. All other participants will need to remain in the common area.

  • All participants will be shuttled to and from the firing areas from the common area. Walking from the common area to the firing areas is strictly prohibited. Only event staff are permitted to drive the shuttles.

  • All prohibited areas will be taped off with yellow “Caution” tape and red “Danger” tape.

  • Event staff reserve the right to remove any participant for any reason involving participant behavior and/or public safety.

  • Only participants that are 18 or older, and have submitted their liability waivers will be allowed to purchase, handle, and fire explosives.

  • If at any time there is a “cease fire” announced, ALL firing must stop immediately until an “all clear” signal is given.

  • All 1.3g fireworks will be provided for purchase by Celebration Fireworks. No participant will be allowed to leave the field or firing areas with 1.3g fireworks.

  • All participants will be expected to maintain social distancing, practice excellent hygiene, and be aware of all COVID-19 procedures in place at the event. Celebration Fireworks will be following all requirements to help mitigate COVID-19 related issues. Hand sanitizer and masks will be provided. Shields will be in place around the food tent. All guests and event staff will be required to wear a mask while standing in line and/or approaching the food tent. The field and common area is large enough for social distancing. We ask all guests to do their part in following social distancing guidelines.

  • All guests will be given color coded bracelets prior to entering the event grounds and will be required to wear them throughout the duration of the event.

  • A designated smoking area will be provided. Smoking outside of the designated smoking area is prohibited.

  • Cameras and sharing social media posts is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED!


Firing Rules

There will be a field supervisor and assistant present at all times in each of the firing areas. The field supervisor and assistant reserve the right to remove any participant from any firing area for any reason involving participant behavior and/or public safety. No smoking will be tolerated in the firing areas. Any participant caught smoking in any firing area will be immediately removed from the event without a refund.


Hand Firing

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, anyone who wishes to hand fire will need to provide their own PPE which will be a requirement for hand firing. If any PPE from the list below is missing, the participant will not be allowed to hand fire.

  • The required PPE (for hand firing only) according to NFPA 1123 is: 

    • Hard hat 

    • Eye protection

    • Hearing protection (ear plugs will be provided but bringing additional hearing protection is encouraged)

    • Closed toe shoes 

    • Natural fiber long sleeve, long leg clothing

  • Only shells up to 5” will be allowed for hand firing. All cakes, misc product, 6” and 8” shells must be electronically fired.


Electronic Firing

  • Field supervisors and assistants will oversee all firing system operations. Participants will only be permitted to handle a firing system under the direction of the field supervisor or assistant.

  • Celebration Fireworks will provide all equipment, firing systems and electronic matches for firing. No outside equipment, firing systems or electronic matches will be allowed into the event.



Celebration Fireworks reserves the right to add, subtract, and modify all event rules and regulations governing Thunder in the Poconos at any time at our discretion.

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