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The Art of Fireworks

We do this because we love it.  There's nothing we enjoy doing more than evoking wonder and awe with sparkles of colored light and explosions of cacophonous thunder.  As well as creating gloriously beautiful murals with the starry sky acting as our canvas.

Celebration Fireworks applies the same expertise and choreography skills showcased in our grand public displays to all of our private displays.  This is why so many of the unsolicited customer comments we receive say that ours were the "best fireworks they've ever seen."

What is a choreographed fireworks show?

Pyro-musical productions are incredibly intricate and require a well thought-out design from beginning to end.  We treat the choreography of each individual firework effect in coordination with the music like true art.  For each minute of music that needs to be scripted we spend up to an hour choosing just the right style and size firework as well as its timing along with the music.

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Celebration Fireworks: Our Art