PGI Fireworks Training & Demo Day

Celebration Fireworks conducts an annual PGI Fireworks Training class to enhance safety and increase knowledge of field operations.  It is followed by our popular Demo Day where we demonstrate our new products for the year.

PGI Fireworks

Display Operator Class

Every year we sponsor a PGI Display Operator Certification class.  The class is designed to provide current or aspiring fireworks professionals, as well as fire prevention and police professionals, basic fireworks display knowledge.  It assumes no previous display fireworks knowledge or experience.


The PGI course includes:

  • classroom lectures

  • video presentations

  • live fire demonstrations

  • supervised hands-on live fireworks training

  • written final exam  


The successful completion of this course along with adequate verifiable fireworks display experience qualifies one to apply for the PGI Display Operator Certification.  Students are invited to help set up the evening demo display, and this counts towards the experience requirement for PGI certification.


This PGI Fireworks class may be taken by anyone 18 years of age or older with no criminal record.  


The class cost of $99 per individual includes:

  • The latest 300-page PGI Display Fireworks Operator Certification Study Guide

  • Live pyrotechnic devices for the supervised hands-on training portion of the class

  • Written examination

  • Lunch


To register for the class, please submit the registration form.


More details about the PGI Fireworks class can be found here.

Fireworks Demo Day

Our demo night begins at 8 pm.  Remember to bring along a pen/pencil, small light, and lawn chair - we will supply detailed lists of each device to be fired that night, so that you can make notes.


Food and drinks will be available. Bring along the family and friends.  The evening demo is a lot of fun and a lot of fireworks!


We take great pains to buy and offer only the best fireworks material. The vast majority of our 1.3g material is purchased only after we have personally witnessed their performance.  Our goal is to offer our customers only very high quality material with precise performance and symmetry and bright and saturated colors.  Our cake selection features many with unusually nice effects - we believe they are among the best available anywhere.  Our shells are among the finest being produced in China today.  And each of our assortments are custom designed, based on personal display experience, to include many of the best effects from each factory.

2020 PGI Date & Details 

After much consideration we have decided that, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the PGI training for 2020 is postponed indefinitely. We are exploring the possibility of holding a training in the fall and will set a date as soon as we are able. We are sorry to have to announce this change and look forward to a time beyond this uncertainty when we can all gather triumphantly in celebration together.

We encourage all to heed the advice of officials and professionals in measures you can take to slow the spread of the virus by avoiding gathering together or leaving your home for anything other than necessities.


Together we can make a difference and conquer these challenging times.

PGI Class Registration Form

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