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Celebration Fireworks Company in Pennsylvania sells high quality, professional fireworks and new racks for professional fireworks displays.  From time to time we also have used racks for sale (used racks currently unavailable).

Don't forget PGI Training and Demo Day to learn how to use our professional fireworks in a safe manner.

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Professional Fireworks Store

Celebration Fireworks opens its entire inventory of high quality professional fireworks effects to companies and individuals who posses the required federal BATF license or permit for purchasing - by the single unit or the case!

We offer mortar tubes and racks, assorted shells and shell chains and a wide variety of peonies, smiling faces, pistils, stars, crossettes and more!

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Fireworks Equipment

Celebration Fireworks opens its entire inventory of high quality professional fireworks effects to companies and individuals who posses the required federal BATF license or permit for purchasing - by the single unit or the case!

We offer Professional Fireworks Training courses regularly; learn about our next one!

How much do Professional Fireworks cost?

Professional Fireworks cost anywhere from $2 for a mortar tube to $200 for a 10" Nishiki Kamuro Niagra Falls.

Download our Professional Fireworks Price List Here

We are receiving shipments from our suppliers soon! Please note that orders placed now will not be available for pickup until June 1st. If you need an order picked up before that date, please contact our office at 610-978-8989 and ask for product availability before June 1st.

How to Create a Professional Fireworks Display

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Basic firework construction hasn't changed in hundreds of years. The launching tube works like the barrel of a gun, the fuse lights a black powder charge, launching the shell into the sky at upwards of 350 mph. That same explosion lights a timed fuse, calibrated to set off another black powder charge at the right moment. That second charge ignites tiny pellets, known as stars, which includes colorfully burning chemicals that create the firework. In the last few decades there has been a rise of computer-aided shows. Computers can be used to set off displays along with soundtracks, test display patterns virtually and accurately and quickly ignite charges.


When putting on a professional fireworks show, a physical inspection of the site should always be the first step. Where will you shoot from? Up on a hill is great for allowing the fireworks to display well above the tree line. Where will the spectators watch from? Safety of the spectators is the most important consideration; be sure you have enough space between the launch zone and where they will watch from to prevent injury.

Next, consider the theme of the show - the possibilities are endless! There are many shapes, colors, and effects to choose from to match the evenings' celebration.

Every show is different, but many loosely follow a pattern. The night begins with an opening barrage and continues with series of willows, peonies and other fireworks designed to fill the sky. Through the middle of the show there is a push to put more fireworks in the air, launching five individual shells instead of one with five effects. Keeping something up in the sky to look at at all times is the key to a great, full show so your spectators aren't just waiting and staring up at a blank sky. At the end is what we all know as the grand finale, full of sound and fury that triggers applause at the end.

Remember - this is a job that carries a host of safety requirements. There are separate permits required to buy the fireworks and to set them off. There is also a permit required for transporting them and liability insurance of around $5 million is needed. It takes around two years to acquire a basic Certificate of Competency. Advancing to the point of designing and performing full-scale professional fireworks shows takes decades.

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We conduct an annual PGI Fireworks Training class to enhance safety and increase knowledge of field operations.

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We create gloriously beautiful murals with the starry sky acting as our canvas.

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We produce world class, professional fireworks displays for every occasion with passion and artistic vision.


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