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2018 Season: And Here We GO!!!

With six shows over the weekend, including three pyromusicals, there's no doubt that our 2018 season is finally underway!

It's so great that after the many months we have spent designing and prepping the shows, we finally get to shoot them into the sky! We are very grateful to our sponsors and clients who allow us to be part of their event.

2018 will be our busiest year ever as we'll be revisiting old friends whose shows we do every year, and many new ones who are bringing us in for the first time.

We're trying to enhance our social media presence this year, so we'd love it if you would include #celfire on any images or comments you make about our shows on your social media platforms.

We're all FIRED UP! about 2018 and hope that you come along with us on what promises to be the best season EVER!


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